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Word Count: How Long Should Your Free Reprint Article Be?
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Recently I’ve received some questions from readers asking what is the best word count to shoot for with articles.

I can totally understand where the confusion comes in–there was a lot of confusion amongst the people who I talked to. Some of them said that they were under the impression that the shorter the content the better. Others were only thinking about search engines and thought that a 450 word article was ideal and that anything longer was a waste of time. Still other people I come across create epic articles without any thought that publishers might have a word count preference.

So, what should you be shooting for? What is a good length of article that will appeal to the most publishers possible?

I would aim for 600-800 words. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your articles:

  • First and foremost, your articles need to appeal to publishers. If they don’t–if they’re way too short or way too long, then you’re limiting the impact you could have if the article was a more appealing length.
  • Don’t get too focused on search engines when creating content if doing so gets you in the mindset of doing the bare minimum. Search engines aren’t human, and they’ll never buy any of your products. Really, search engines are just trying to evaluate the type of content that a human would find valuable. So, instead of trying to figure out the bare minimum that a search engine is looking for, why not just focus on creating quality content that humans will want to read?
  • Aside from word count, publishers also consider how valuable the information is that you provide. So, the object isn’t just to shoot for a certain length of article, but to also create an article that gives helpful information.
  • A well written article that is 600-800 words or so is an investment in your business. The article can drive targeted traffic to your website for years to come, and that same article will generate many backlinks once it has been picked up and posted by other publishers.

If you look around the internet, it won’t take long for you to run across really poorly written content with minimal value. Some people who do article marketing are just thinking about the backlink, and they see the minimum word count requirement as just that–a requirement that they must reach in order to get their article published so that they can pick up the backlink.

But article marketing has a much more powerful potential than just generating backlinks, and you’re really not doing yourself any favours by creating content that just reaches the minimum requirements.

I really want to challenge you to have higher expectations for yourself and your articles. Article marketing has incredible power as a form of communication, and it’s an excellent way to make initial contact with people who will one day (hopefully) become your customers.

Through your articles, you also have the chance to impact people’s lives. That may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s completely true if you take the time to create content that is genuinely useful. How much difference does it make when you sit down to write to think that what you’re creating matters, and it can matter for a long time?

Here is how people find your articles: They have a problem or a question in their everyday life, and they need an answer or some help dealing with their problem. So, they search on the internet, and they run across your article.

There you have it–your article is in the spotlight, center stage, ready to impart wisdom and instruction to someone who really needs it. You may take your knowledge of your niche for granted, but there are tons of people in the world who would love to pick your brain and learn from you.

I know it’s easier said than done to not only write an article, but to get it within a certain word count. Especially if you’re not used to writing like that, you may not know where to start. That’s why in our next post I’ll be teaching you the technique I use for getting my own articles within a certain word count range.

Until then let me ask you: Most people will either tend to want to write “War & Peace” length content or lean towards writing very short content. What is your tendency?

(My tendency is to write the epic articles, so I have to try extra hard to reign in my word counts.)

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    Great tips & valuable advice. Thanks Steve.

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    Hello sir. I am fine and how are you and your team.
    I am getting job in india without attending any job fair by doing hardwork. In the same way I like to put my hardwork in articlewriting also.

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