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How Those Late Night Infomercials Can Teach You To Write Better Online Article Submissions
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Would the Snuggie have become so popular if it didn't have an infomercial?

Ever see those infomercials on TV?

They do a demonstration, and you think, “Wow, if those knives are strong enough to cut through tin cans and tires, they must work great on cutting food!”

Or you think, “Hmm, the Snuggie kind of looks like you’re wearing your bathrobe backwards, but look at all those people who look so snuggly and warm at home, at sporting events, and on airplanes. I just might need one of these…”

The thing that makes infomercials so effective is that they are showing you and proving to you the benefits of whatever they’re selling. You can see before your very eyes that the product will help you and that it will do exactly what they say it will. It makes it very hard to resist caving in and calling that number to get one of your own.

By demonstrating (rather than just talking about) the product’s effectiveness, people’s instinctive guard starts to come down. You know that guard I’m talking about–when someone approaches you trying to sell something, you immediately put up a defense.

Not so when you see a product being demonstrated. It stirs up your curiosity, and because there’s no threat or expectation from you, you feel comfortable just watching.

In your article, think of yourself as the product.

In the infomercial, they are displaying the expertise of the product. In your articles, you would be demonstrating the expertise of YOU (rather than your product).

How knowledgeable are you on your topic? How much helpful info can you provide on this subject?

Readers read your article and think, “This guy knows his stuff! If he is this good at telling me how to do such and such, then I can trust him/his products/his services.”

The article is not about you, your product or service, but it displays your knowledge on your topic.

Think about all those cooking shows on TV–the chef doesn’t tell us how great he is or where he received his training, but rather he just cooks food in front of us and we think it looks yummy.

The TV chef doesn’t try to sell you on himself. He just shows you how to cook.

What can you show your readers how to do?

For people with service oriented business, this is a no-brainer. Whatever it is you specialize in doing for your customers, do that for your readers.

If you are a business coach, write articles that teach people how to have stronger businesses. Imagine that you are writing for a person who is a client of yours. Share your tips, tricks, and techniques.

You may have to stretch a little bit, depending on the type of business/website you have.

For example, my business helps people get their articles distributed to a large number of publishers with the click of a button. Yet, I don’t write articles about my own service. I write articles that teach people how to write articles for article marketing. See the difference there?

No matter what type of website or business you have, you need to find something related to your niche to teach people.

By teaching them, you will demonstrate your expertise, and that will make people more likely to trust you and enlist your services.

Think about your article topics in a brand new light.

If you will devote each of your articles to solving a problem, you will elicit a different response from your readers than if you were to write sales pieces or content geared solely toward search engines.

When you write like you’re writing for one person, for a person who is your student of yours in your field, curiosity will be tweaked, walls will come down, and you will start to engage with your readers in a genuine way.

You will also feel a passion start to build in yourself not just to get a better search engine ranking, but to assist, teach, and enlighten people in your target market.

Is this your mindset when you’re writing your articles? Do you have any problems becoming “the teacher” when writing articles for your niche? If so, what are they (we’ll try to help!).

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Snuggie by Jon Phillips

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6 Responses to “How Those Late Night Infomercials Can Teach You To Write Better Online Article Submissions”

  1. Steven B says:

    Just when I thought I had looked at article creation very every angle… great insight!

  2. I have so enjoyed your insights and this one is so clear and concise. The infomercial example is perfect! Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  3. Never thought about writing articles as if I’m talking to one person; that’s a great idea and it’s different. I never thought of my writing as if I was a teacher teaching some. It’s a different mind set, and I will try using this when writing my next article. Thanks

    I always look forward to your articles you always give so much good information.

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