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Writing Headlines: 3 Quick Tips For Writing Article Titles (Plus Bonus Tips!)
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Reel in readers with a great title

Reel in readers with a great title

Your title is one of the shortest parts of your article submission, but it’s the one thing that will reel in readers and get them to read your article.

Here are 3 quick title tips (plus a few bonus tips):

1 – Write your article title first.Â

I know a lot of folks who write the article and then come up with a title as the last course of business. If that is what you normally do, I encourage you to reverse your process.

Why? When you sit down to write your article, you have an idea of what you’ll be writing about. By creating the title first, you’ll also be explicitly stating the promise that your article will fulfill. This will help you to write a more focused article–if you know what the main point you’re going for in the article, it will direct all of the things you choose to include in the content.

This is a lot easier than writing the article first and then trying to backtrack and extract a purpose or promise from the already written article to highlight in the title.

2 – Use long-tail keyword phrases in your title.

First, you need to do search engine keyword research, which is a lot easier than you’re probably thinking. Here’s a Keyword Research Tutorial to get you started.

If you’ve ever wondered what your target readers are interested in, you can get a behind the scenes look at what they’re typing into Google by doing some simple keyword research.

The long-tail keyword phrases are the longer, Â less popular and therefore less competitive phrases. The fact that they’re less competitive means that with a little effort you can dominate the search engines for these phrases. By consistently writing articles targeting long-tail keyword phrases, you could eventually create blanket coverage for niche.

Long-tail keyword phrases are usually super specific and can be easily adapted to be an article title. Think about the long-tail keyword phrase “how much does it cost to rewire a house”. This would be a perfect one for an electrician, as the phrase is a title in itself–all it needs is for someone to write an article to answer that question.

Compare that to the keyword phrase  “commercial electrician”, and not only do you have stiffer competition with the shorter, more general phrase, but you also don’t have as much direction for subject matter for the article.

3 – Focus on the positives in your “How To” headlines.Â

I was reading in a post at CopyBlogger that people don’t actually want to learn anything new. They already have too many other things to do. Yet “How To” posts are some of the most popular on the internet. Why? While people are busy, they are constantly searching for ways to improve their lives, make their lives easier, and do things faster.

CopyBlogger says that:

Focusing on the “better, easier, and happier” is the key to great “how to” headlines and content.

Here are bonus tips from CopyBlogger for writing effective “How To” headlines:

  • Explicitly state the benefit. What will the article do for the reader?
  • Try to incorporate a double benefit, such as “How To Win Friends And Influence People”.
  • After stating the task that you’ll be teaching in the article, use the word “that” to transition into the benefit. For example, “How To Get A Job That Increases Your Salary By 50%”, “How To Get A Job That Feels Like A Vacation”, etc.
  • Keep the “how”, but leave off the “to”. For example, “How I Conquered Writer’s Block In 5 Minutes”, “How One Sales Technique Doubled My Sales In 30 Days”.
  • Be as specific as possible in the title (see the examples listed above).

It’s easy to get in a slump when writing article headlines. We tend to do the same thing repeatedly, and before long our titles become lackluster and uninteresting. Have these tips helped you get any new ideas for writing titles?

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