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Writing Articles: 6 Ways To Make Writing Articles A Habit (And Make It Stick!)
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Writing and submitting articles consistently each month is crucial to your article marketing success. But if you’re not used to writing articles, how can get yourself to get in the habit?

It’s a lot like developing any other type of habit, whether it be in adding a new positive behavior to your life or giving an unhealthy one up. Here are 6 ideas for helping to make article writing a habit:

1 – Give it a go for 60 days.

I was surprised to read that it often takes 60 days to establish a new behavior as a habit. I had heard much shorter amounts of times, but the 60 day period makes sense. When you establish a new habit, you’re sort of re-wiring circuits in your brain–it takes time to do that.

This year I decided I wanted to adopt some healthier habits with exercise and eating, but I was having trouble getting motivated. Finally I said, “I don’t feel like doing this, but I’m going to give it a go for 60 days.”

I made a calendar that marked “Day 1″, “Day 2″ etc. on it so that I could mark the days off and do a count down. I didn’t do things perfectly, of course, but looking back I made a lot of progress. Some of the healthier changes I tried out in those 60 days have stuck–not all of them, but at least some of them did.

2 – Set some realistic goals that you can achieve in the time frame.

Instead of saying, “I want my site to be at the top of Google in 60 days”, come up with something more realistic, like: “I want to submit 8 articles this month,” or “I want to write for 30 minutes each business day.”

3 – Take baby steps, but do them consistently.

A habit is established by repetition. It gets really hard to get any momentum going if you’re just writing once or twice a week. Instead of going for long writing sessions, try doing a little writing each day.

4 – Capitalize on environmental cues.

Did you know that there are certain things that can cue your mind into establishing a certain activity as a habit? Try sitting at the same desk, at same time, and doing the same pre-writing ritual for each writing session.

The cues help to ingrain the habit in your mind.

5 – You will adopt the habits of people who you hang around.

If you don’t know any in-person people who can walk along side you and engage in consistent writing habits with you, then find a blog about article marketing (like this one!) and commit to read a little on it each day. It will help keep article writing “on the brain”, and it’ll be easier for you to develop the habit of writing articles consistently.

6 – Give yourself time to grow into the habit of writing, and know that you won’t do it perfectly.

Even if you make a shot and completely stop after a few weeks, don’t give up. I’ve heard that each time you attempt to start a new habit, be it article writing, exercising or quitting smoking, you add to a reservoir of momentum that will eventually become full enough to actually make the new behavior stick. That’s a great encouragement for those of us who need to try multiple times before we succeed!

At the end of my “60 Day Challenge” I decided that it wasn’t really about doing a new behavior for all 60 days–it was really more about “60 Days Of Not Giving Up”. Even though I didn’t do it perfectly, I didn’t give up, and I was able to see some lasting benefits.

I think the same thing is true of writing articles consistently–it’s more about not giving up than doing it perfectly.

Your Homework This Week:

Have you been having a hard time writing articles consistently? It takes a while to develop a new habit, but often we expect ourselves to “just do it”, and then we end up being disappointed with ourselves. This time try this approach:

  • Start a “60 Day Challenge” where you make it a point to write a little bit 5 days a week. At this point writing is not habitual, so it’s going to feel hard right now, but it will get easier when you develop the habit. Remember, it’s not about doing it perfectly–it’s about not giving up!
  • Read over the other tips in this post and pick out a few that you want to incorporate over the next 60 days.

Question for you: Have you built article writing into a habit in your life yet? If so, do you have any other tips that may help others?

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4 Responses to “Writing Articles: 6 Ways To Make Writing Articles A Habit (And Make It Stick!)”

  1. David Pool says:

    Great post. You’ve got me motivated again. I was starting to waver a bit but I’m now going for the 60 day challenge.


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @David Pool:

    Hi David,

    That’s great! Thanks for letting me know, and I totally understand how hard it is to get your momentum going. No matter what the outcome of your 60 day challenge, you’re making a step in a positive direction that will eventually help you make article writing into a habit.

  3. Sir,
    I like to take writing as a parttime activity with other magazines also if it is possible. kindly guide me.

    with regards,

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Umamaheshwaran: Hi Umamaheshwaran,

    I just wanted to be sure that you knew that this blog is really about article marketing–creating free reprint articles to get published on blogs, article directories and other types of websites, so it’s totally online. I wasn’t sure if you realized that. The reason why people do article marketing is to bring more attention to their websites. In order to get started submitting articles for article marketing, check out our online article submission service.

    Hope that helps!

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