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Writing Productivity: Learning To Write And Submit Articles Consistently
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I received this question from a client just this week. Can you relate to it? I can. He says:

My problem is that I have not been able to produce articles with regularity. Can you give me any tips to help bring my writing productivity up?

Writing one article is not that difficult, even if you’re not used to writing. You think, “It’s a one time thing–I can do this.” And you work hard and create a piece of content that you’re happy with.

It’s harder though to come up with a steady stream of articles when you’re not used to doing so.

I know exactly how that feels, because I went through that too. When I first started marketing with articles, I was totally not used to writing on a regular basis. It took some work before I actually got into the habit of writing 8 articles a month consistently.

If you’re going through that now, here are some tips for you, based on my own experience:

1 – Increase your article quota gradually.

It’s so intimidating to imagine the prospect of 8 articles looming ahead of you. It’s the equivalent of being a couch potato, and then you decide to be more active and on the first day you attempt to climb Mount Everest. It’s going to be too much, and you’ll end up getting discouraged and quitting.

Instead, build up to however many articles you want to write each month. For your first month, you might just have the goal of writing at least one article, and you can write more if you feel like it.

It may take you several months to get up to the full amount you want to write, but the important part is to work on your consistency. You can write one article a month consistently–that is a big achievement if you’re not used to writing at all. Then just add more articles on to your monthly writing schedule and gradually increase the number you’re writing.

2 – Schedule your writing times.

I have found that scheduling the writing time on my calendar is key for me–if it’s not on there, then I’m not going to do it.

At the beginning of the month I figure out how many articles and blog posts I need to write, and then I make a note on my day planner which days I need to be writing and what type of content it should be (blog post or article).

This technique also helps take the pressure off–I don’t end up at the end of the month with 8 articles to write. They’re spaced out over the month, so it never feels like I’m under the gun or having to write a whole bunch in one day. There’s also flexibility–if one the days I’m supposed to be writing gets away from me, then I just reschedule for another day.

3 – Be patient with yourself and be proud of yourself for how much you’ve learned so far.

If you’re always feeling like what you’re doing isn’t good enough and that you’re far behind what you wanted to accomplish, it’s probably not going to help you. It will likely just make you want to quit.

Instead of having unreal expectations of yourself, be more truthful (and gentle) with yourself:

You have a whole lot to be proud of. You’re undertaking a totally new skill, and you’re doing things you’re not used to doing. You’re marketing your business and working to make it better and attract more customers. You’re not just doing what feels comfortable, but you’re venturing into uncharted territory.

By taking the first few baby steps, you have already accomplished a lot. Be encouraging of yourself, and it will help you to stick with this and have more pleasant associations with writing articles (which in turn makes writing easier).

4 – Make it personal.

When we write articles, we don’t see the people who are reading the article. It is easy to think that when you submit your article that it’s being shot into a black hole. If that is what you think, it’s going to be very laborious to create content because you don’t associate your work with a significant result. The article is just “out there”.

It really helps if you write articles for particular people, rather than a general niche. I mean address problems that you know that real people are dealing with, and write the article as if you were talking to one of those people who are looking for help.

5 – Experiment with productivity techniques.

I’ve tried a lot of them, and some work great for me while others don’t. Probably for other people the things that don’t work for me do work for them–it is a personal thing that requires you giving it a try and then deciding for yourself.

I’ve chronicled pretty much all of the productivity techniques that I’ve experimented with on this blog, and you’re welcome to look at them here.

That’s a lot of information though, so I thought it would be helpful if I picked out the most effective/popular tips and techniques. There are too many tips to put in this post, so sometime soon I’ll devote a whole post to “The Best Writing Productivity Techniques”.

Question for you:

What is your best productivity technique for writing articles on a consistent basis?

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