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Article Marketing Tips: 12 Ways To Write Stand-Out Articles In A Competitive Niche
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Your articles can stand out and capture your reader's attention.

Do your articles stand out?

Have you ever gotten the feeling that a million other people are writing the same types of articles as you and that you’re getting lost in the crowd?

If you’re writing on a hot topic, how can you write articles that stand out?

How can you make your articles be “one in a million” instead of “one of the millions”?

That is a great question, and I’d like to give you some article marketing tips on writing articles that stand out when you’re writing for a competitive niche (really these tips work for any niche though–competitive or not!).

1. Develop your own style. I can’t stress this enough–particularly if your niche is hot, you need to develop your own personal style of writing that makes you memorable. This takes more time and effort than just writing the same types of articles that you see other people writing, but it’s worth it. Every writer is unique, and you do have a unique way of presenting your articles. Make a point of developing that uniqueness. Don’t copy anyone else’s style. If you’re new to writing, give yourself time to develop your own writing style (as you get more used to writing, your style will develop).

2. Be unique. This goes without saying–don’t copy anyone else’s articles or try to make an article that is based off of someone else’s. Every article you write should be 100% original. If you want to cover the same specific article topic that many others have covered before, be sure that you add new information, teach the info in a different way, or do something different in the article. Focus on developing a unique point of view that you express in your articles.

3. Set your bar higher. If other writers in your niche are writing good articles, then your goal is to write better than good articles. Why not aim for being the best?

4. Be the expert. Craft your articles based on your own expertise, rather than from what you see others in your niche writing. Your articles should not be interchangeable with other writer’s articles. Being an expert can make you stand out.

5. Expand your knowledge. Whenever you see a hole in your knowledge, set yourself a goal to fill it. When you are continuously learning, it makes it easier to write stand-out articles. The best way to learn is to teach. All of your articles should teach something about your niche.

6. Get creative. Think of all of the Math teachers you’ve ever had in your life. They all had the same concepts that they were trying to teach, but there are some teachers that find a way to make their subject come alive. They think of creative ways to impart the knowledge. If you want to stand out, dig deeper into your creative box of tricks when thinking of ways to teach your topic. Believe me, 1,000,000 people can teach the same topic, but one can still stand out.

7. Be consistent. Oftentimes you can stand out from the crowd simply by consistently writing articles over the long term. If writer A has written a handful of articles and writer B has hundreds of articles floating around the internet and being continuously republished, which of these two do you think will be regarded as the expert?

8. Be strategic in the topics you cover. Cover topics that you don’t see others in your niche writing about. Sometimes when you are extremely knowledgeable about a topic, you can overlook some of the more elementary topics that people are wondering about and want to learn. Think back to when you were just learning about your field–what were the most challenging things for you? There is no way that every last topic in your niche has already been covered. Look for the overlooked topics.

9. Be a better teacher. Think about your own customers and the problems that they face. You may say that there are millions of pieces of content on the internet already addressing these common issues–ask yourself why people are still having these problems if there are so many solutions already offered? If the problem still exists, then there must still be an issue. Perhaps the other people who have written on this particular topic are not teaching in a way that everyone can understand, or maybe the issue needs to be addressed from another angle. There is a reason why topics are HOT–there are many people with a common interest/problem who are still looking for answers. Look for ways to address your reader’s persistent needs in a new way.

10. How does your business stand out from the pack? When you are in a competitive niche, first and foremost your business must stand out from the pack. Forget about your articles for a second–what is your strategy for making your business stand out? Let’s say you’re a personal trainer or a fitness guru–why should anyone listen to you over any of your colleagues? Do you have a unique philosophy, technique, approach, or a motivating personality that sets you apart? The same things that set your business apart can set your articles apart.

11. Write an attention grabbing title. You might not have thought of it this way before, but your article is not actually what lures readers into reading your article. First and foremost it is your article title that catches a reader’s attention. When a reader does a Google search or a search on an article directory, they are greeted with a lengthy list of article titles all on similar topics. The person whose title is the most intriguing or the most on target with what the reader is looking for will win the prize of the reader’s attention. Here are some resources for creating strong titles:

How to write better article TITLES

4 “How To” Headlines That GRAB Attention

12. Write an attention grabbing short description (article summary). Along with your title, the short description is the first bit of info that a reader will see, before deciding whether or not to click to read your article. Do not make the mistake of ‘phoning in’ the article summary–this is your chance to entice a reader to read your article. Follow the tips in this resource for writing a strong short description:

How To Write A Better Short Description For Your Article

My take on writing articles in a competitive niche…

Just as an example, for my own business, I know what sets my business apart from the pack. We focus on creating a quality service that we are continuously adapting to suit the needs of our customers. We focus on creating enduring relationships with our members. We focus on personal attention and service–a large portion of what we concentrate on is customer support and education. We really do want the members of our service to succeed and to learn and grow, so we are very generous with training resources and instruction. We focus on teaching small business owners step-by-step how to dip their toes into the deep waters of website marketing. At, we are passionate about what we do and who we are.

I take this passion for my own customers and my topic, and then I write articles. I don’t really worry about what other people are writing about, because I know I have a unique point of view. I have an agenda that I personally want to carry out–I want to teach people how to market their websites with article marketing, and I have a certain way that I like to get my point across. I have a unique teaching style, and my goal with my articles is just to use and develop that to benefit my readers.

I think when you approach things like that, then your articles will stand out.

These tips are appropriate for anyone in any field, whether it’s competitve or not.

Everyone’s articles should be a unique representation of their own teaching and writing style, be based on their expertise, and focused on the needs of their target market. In many ways, it doesn’t really matter what you’re writing about so much as how you’re writing.

Let me ask you–how do you stand apart from the pack with your articles?

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15 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: 12 Ways To Write Stand-Out Articles In A Competitive Niche”

  1. BIll says:

    Right on the money!

  2. Cragar says:

    All of these tactics are GREAT information and should be used to advance your article writing techniques. The true professional is always looking for new ways to improve his/her business. Thank you so much for your continued help in serving useful information that can be implemented right away!

  3. Entrepreneur says:

    Great post on writing articles that are effective in driving traffic

  4. Leigh Anne says:

    Love the tips. I am a beginner when it comes to writing, and I can use all the extra help I can get. Thank you

  5. What a great article. Keep up the good work. Great links, too.

  6. Domenick says:

    Appreciate the knowledge, everything is right on point, this is a ready made blueprint for anyone who wants to get into article marketing or simply just writing a article.

    Best wishes for everyone and their endeavors this year.

  7. Michael Nair says:

    These tips a great…but I still find writing challenging. Obviously, I’m new to article marketing but your tips are going to help me develop my own style. Thanks.

  8. Great post!

    Full of some really great, useable information.

    Thank you!

  9. Good article. I guess when you start writing articles it can sometimes be a bit frustrating because you may not intially get all of the “massive” publicity/traffic that you hoped for. I have been at it now for almost 4 months, and will continue to implement the strategies you have outlined in this article and have more patience. Thanks!

  10. Akinyi says:

    Enjoyed and appreciated this. Thanks an ocean.

  11. All of the tips were excellent. The one I liked the most was to take the time to write in a style that is uniquely mine. Don’t try to be a copycat; instead aim to be a thought leader.

  12. Bill Achola says:

    Hi is it okay when you just totally focused on ”How To” and ”Tips”? because i believe these are the one that captures readers and also sove a problem

  13. Ling Meng says:

    Hi Steve,

    I always enjoy reading your tips and pointers on article marketing. This checklist is something I’m going to refer to often, especially before writing the next article.

    A big thing to remember for one’s business, as you pointed out…is having a defined USP. I’ve also heard this referred to as UVP or Unique Value Proposition.

    I think if webmasters write with the end goal of delivering the most value possible, every time we sit down to write, we stand a much greater chance of producing a high quality piece.

    Thanks again for these fantastic tips.


  14. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, it is fine to focus on “How To” and “Tips” articles. That is mainly what I try to do, because of the reasons you mention–those types of articles are most helpful to readers and consequently are the most popular types of articles.

  15. Very helpful and to the point tips!

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