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Should You Use A Pen Name?

Posted By Steve Shaw On October 5, 2009 @ 12:00 am In Article Marketing Tips,Article Marketing Writing | 26 Comments

writing under a pen name [1]When you start submitting articles, you will need to decide on an author name.

You have two options:

1) Your real name.

You would use your real name if you have no other reason for changing it, or if you would like to become known as an expert in your niche.

Using your real name adds a level of authenticity that a pen name sometimes misses.

If you do use a pen name, it’s a good idea to try to make it sound real.

2) A pen name

A pen name (aka alias), is a fictional name adopted by an author.

Here are some reasons why authors use pen names:

*To be more memorable. Maybe your real name is very common and you’d like to have a name that stands out more.

*To come across as being a person of the opposite sex.

*To differentiate other writings you may have done on other topics.

*To avoid overexposure.

*Your name may happen to be the same as that of a well known writer (Stephen King, Mark Twain, etc), and you may change your name so as not to confuse readers.

*For some reason you want to conceal your identity.

In article marketing, there is nothing wrong with using a pen name if you feel so inclined.

If you decide to use a pen name, keep these guidelines in mind:

*As I said before, it helps to make your pen name sound like a real name, rather than an obviously fake one.

*Use a first name and a last name.

*Avoid silly names. If your name sounds like a cartoon character or some kind of alter ego or computer avatar (Mr. Zebra, Party Animal, Website Guru, Cupcake Girl, etc), it can make it hard for a reader to take you seriously. Remember, you are writing educational articles, and your goal is to provide helpful information to your target market.

*Don’t try to play a name off of your topic–like if you’re writing about “Lord of the Rings”, using a name like Frodo Hobbit is a bit too obvious.

*Do not try to morph your business name into a pen name. I’ve seen folks try to do this, and it is not very subtle and it doesn’t sound like a real name at all. It can also get your article declined for being promotional.

*A website addy is not a pen name, so you can’t say that your pen name is ExtremeCars.com or anything like that.

What is a good pen name?

A name that sounds real. Use a first and last name.

If you have no real reason to use a pen name, then use your real name. The choice is up to you!

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