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Your Resource Box: How To Write A Good Author Bio
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Thinking inside the box?

Thinking inside the box?

Aside from the article, the most important part of your article submission is the resource box. The resource box is like an “author bio”, and it’s the only place where you can freely talk about yourself, your business and your website.

But what if you’ve never written a resource box before? How can you write a good one?

I’m happy to show you the ins and outs of writing a good resource box, but first let’s talk about its purpose.

What Is The Purpose Of A Resource Box?

1 – To tell the reader information about you, the author.

Just like on a book jacket or a newspaper article, there is a place on your free reprint article that tells information about you. This is your chance to stand in the spotlight for a bit and get credit for writing the article. The reader can also get a better idea of who you are and why you’re qualified to teach him or her about your topic.

2 – To direct people to your website.

You will always include a link to your website in your resource box. Readers can click this link and be taken directly to your site. The link in your resource box makes it so that your article is a long lasting source of traffic to your website.

Along with the link you’ll give the reader a good reason to click it–maybe you offer a free newsletter or mention some special offer that your business is running. The purpose is to entice the reader to click the link leading to your site.

The link in the author bio also serves to help Google and the other search engines to associate your website with certain phrases that people routinely search for on your topic. Â This can help the pages on your website to get higher rankings, which in turn leads more visitors to your website.

What Information Should A Resource Box Include?

  • Your author name.
  • An indication as to why your advice should be trusted–how are you qualified to give advice on your topic?
  • A link to your website.
  • A reason to visit your website.

How Long Should Your Resource Box Be?

Most publishers will have character limits for author bios. A good length to shoot for is 450 characters or less (spaces count as characters). That length of resource box will be acceptable to most publishers.

Here are some more resource box tips:

Be choosy about the info that you include.

There is a character limit in the author bio, so you need to strategically choose the information you include. Make sure that the information you provide is relevant to the topic that you’re writing about. For example, you may be an avid fly fisherman or accomplished pastry chef, but you don’t necessarily need to include that info in the resource box for an article about how to get out of debt.

Think about the order in which you present your information.

It makes sense to start your author bio by mentioning your author name. Most often, people write about themselves in the third person.

I’ll show you one of my resource boxes as an example:

Steve Shaw has helped thousands of business owners worldwide build traffic, leads and sales to their websites. Submit your article to 100 top article directories for just $2 – go now to

I mention my name first thing, then I tell why the reader should take my advice. Then I close with a great reason to visit my website and a link to my site.

It’s short and sweet, but it has all the information that’s needed.

Writing a good author bio is not hard or complicated. You can do it by simply following these steps.

Would you like some feedback on your author bio? Just leave it in the comments section, and I’m happy to take a look at it.

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    Steve thanks so much for this wonderful service and for the support and tips to help the novice writer.

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    I’m very new to this, thank you for all you do! Here is my first attempt at a resource box:
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