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Your Writing Assignment: Inspirational Sporting Articles
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I always look forward to major sporting events (such as the big one coming to London this year!) with eager anticipation. The drama, the heart, the strength, the courage, the determination and sheer will to persevere get to me every time!

They’re often great events to use as inspiration for an article or two.

I have a writing assignment for you. I have compiled 3 inspirational videos of great sporting moments, and your assignment is to use the videos as inspiration for an article that relates to your niche. Or, you can find your own inspirational sports video and base your article off of that.

After you’ve done that, I’d love it if you would give a link in the comments to your article so we can enjoy your spin on things.

Now, on to the inspirational sporting videos:

1 – Derek Redmond: When you don’t give up, you cannot fail!

Since there are no captions on this video, I’ll explain to you what’s happening…

Derek Redmond was favoured to win a medal in the Games in 1992 at Barcelona. He was in the best shape of his life, and at last all of his hard work would be paying off. Or so he thought…

A little into the race, Derek blows a hamstring. He hops in pain for a few steps, and then falls to the ground in agony and despair.

Amidst tears, Derek forces himself to get up off the ground and try to hop to the finish line.

While Derek is by himself on the track hurting but still determined to go on, a burly many pushes past security and runs onto the track.

This man is Derek’s father. Wrapping his arms around his son, the father helps him reach the finish line, actually letting him cross it by himself so that he can finish his own race.

65,000 people give a standing ovation for Derek’s courage and for the love of his father…

2 – Steve Jones: They told him he couldn’t win…

Here’s another inspirational video … and I’m a sucker for the “Rocky” theme music…

3 – Torvill and Dean: Dare To Be Different

If you know of another inspirational sports video, feel free to use that and tell us about it in the comments, perhaps providing a link to the video on

How do you base an article off of a video?

Here’s and approach: You basically use the video as inspiration, and you extract a theme. Then, you think, “How can I apply this lesson to my own niche?”

Then you write an article using the events portrayed in the video as an example to follow (or not follow).

You will need to describe the events that the video portrays, because obviously you won’t be able to include the actual video in your article. The video is just the inspiration for your article.

I’m going to be taking on this challenge too–it really makes you approach the article writing in a different way, and it will be a nice change.

Question for you:

What is your favourite sporting moment of all time?

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